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Apr 20, 2021

Hightlights of the First Ever LiveJam Event

Chief Fan Ben here with another Tuesday Report from BiggestFan Productions. Last week was the Thai New Year holidays, Songkran, which basically means the entire team was off for the week. Now we're back and hard at work addressing the issues that we discovered during our first ever LiveJam Event with the great local ska band, Dirty Magic. For those of you who missed it, you can check the full thing out on YouTube, or you can check out the new highlight reel just published to our main website

As you can see everyone had a blast and there was definitely a real connection between the band and the fans as well as the fans and other fans. Our mission at BiggestFan Productions is to help create performances that invoke the kind of emotional reaction that can only happen when a real connection is made. Some more good news to announce for our pals, Dirty Magic - they've been invited (and funded!) to produce a music video for their single, "I Don't Want to Wait", and BiggestFan Productions is going to host the venue for the shoot! So outstanding job Dirty Magic on getting that recognition and we're so looking forward to working with you again on this creative effort. Hopefully will be out for everyone to see in a few weeks.

What's Next?

As one expects in a startup platform, the list of improvements and new features we want to launch are bigger than time allows - but we don't want to wait long for our next performance. So we're cutting things down to what's absolutely key to justify another event that will demonstrate both improvements on the quality of what we already demonstrated before plus also a few nice features that didn't exist at that time.

The core goal of the first beta was seeing how the audio performed with our audience->performer and audience->audience connection. Most of our fans had a great experience. Some had some stuttering and echos, and a few had a really bad experience for various reasons. The primary challenges for a bad experience were low bandwidth network connections and running on Apple products. Low bandwidth issues are to be expected and we are working on optimizations to make the live streams more efficient in that regard. But Apple - goodness gracious, Apple. Apple just can't behave and get along with the rest of the world always has to do something weird and different and, let's face it, wrong. That said - it's our hope that we'll have vastly improved Apple support and we will definitely have our first cut of our mobile UI going so most all Android devices and likely iPhones will be able to participate in the next event.

Additionally, we'll have more than one camera angle for the next event. Probably going to be 3 with at least one mobile and close up camera to add to the action. And, to add to the excitement, A NEW FREAKING COOL STAGE! Our new stage is here! Our new stage is here! But you're gonna have to wait to see it. Not like any stage you've ever seen before and it is immense filling up our once vast open area at the top secret BiggestFan Bangkok HQ.

Beyond LiveJam!

Beyond all this - we have two completely new business models that will be using our core technology in the works now. Both will be launched before the end of May and both are very exciting with a real potential to change their respective industries just like LiveJam is changing real-time online music performances forever. More details to be revealed in the next couple of weeks...

Finally, if you're a performer and you want a chance to show your stuff on our rocking new stage and the best live online venue ever - send an email to with some links to your music and we'll see about scheduling you. Once we get past a few beta demo events we'll be doing events quite frequently. We also are in the works to do an event at a local indie venue in Bangkok that has been a great supporter of the live music scene. He's shut down for shows because of the stupid virus but BiggestFan is working to allow him to stream an event from his venue also stream an audience back at him. Hope to have something to announce in our next report.

Stay tuned & jam on!

Ben Scherrey

Chief Fan