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Jun 1, 2021

BiggestFan In The News!

Ben Scherrey, Chief Fan back at you for more news about BiggestFan Productions. And this week's new is... we're in the news!

Been an incredibly busy week for BiggestFan Productions. To kick things off, tonight (June 1) we were featured in an exclusive feature by Thai PBS World about startups in Thailand. They did a remarkably good job covering the capabilities, the impact of our product, and interviewing yours truly! What's cool is they agreed to conduct the interview using our product. I was told that the production team was quite pleased with the results because other interviews they've done over alternative video conferenceing tools (ahem!) were not nearly as good looking. Be sure and check it out! Hopefully a lot of people seeing this coverage will come online this Friday and check out our 2nd Beta Event with "Young Wolf". I hope you will too!

Selected for our Part in Innovation of Crypto-Ledger Technology

Not even an hour after that great news item was broadcast by Thai PBS, your intrepid Chief Fan was live streaming on YouTube with some of the top technical talent developing the BitcoinCash crypto-ledger! This event was about some incredible new innovations being proposed for the BitcoinCash block chain that our crypto dev team has been evaluating and participating with. While it's not as exciting to most people as Jonathan Wolf belting out an amazing rendition of Led Zeppelin, to us crypto uber-geeks this is some compelling stuff! ;-) If you're interested in the technical details of the advancement of crypto technologies then check it out. For the rest... it's ok to pass on this one. Just be aware that BiggestFan's efforts in this technology are receiving some significant recognition which we think is pretty groovy because we get to play with some fun new tech that's going to change the world - soon!

2nd Beta This Friday!!

What's NOT OK to pass on is this Friday's LiveJam Event with Young Wolf! Finally our 2nd Beta show is on and it's going to be a blast. This will be the first time we've used our new amazing stage that was constructed at the secret BiggestFan HQ in Bangkok! To check out the event and have the best experience possible it's best to do a little advance preparation. Don't delay!

First off - go check out our "Test Event" and make sure you are able to see yourself and see and hear the event. You may need to play around with your device settings or use a different browser to get the best experience. You should have no problems connecting with a Chromium-compatible web browser on your desktop machine or Android mobile device. Unfortunately, Apple iOS users on iPhone and iPad are not yet supported yet due to Apple's intransigence but we are working on overcoming that as fast as we can. If you have trouble with the test event please do reach out to us on Facebook Messenger and someone will be glad to help you figure things out. The entire purpose of this service and the upcoming event is to work out challenges that real fans are having so we can ensure the best experience for YOU. Don't hesitate to ask for help or let us know how it's going - good, bad, or ugly.

Once that's all settled, if you wanna get the FULL LiveJam experience, how about getting some BitcoinCash in a wallet so you can tip the band this Friday? Remember our independent artists have been shut out of performing for months and here's our chance to show them some love and let them know how much we appreciate them. Just go to and download the free wallet app onto your mobile device. Then buy some BitcoinCash (not Bitcoin, BitcoinCASH) cheap and easy either from the app or from any crypto exchange and deposit it into your wallet.

That's all for now - I'm exhausted! :-) Hope will see you all in the audience when we take the stage this Friday night with Young Wolf!

Jam on!

Ben Scherrey

Chief Fan